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Light Reveals Secrets & Saves Lives In Horror Game Colina: Legacy



Alex awakens in his parents’ car, his grandmother’s house looming before him. It is dark and empty, but a sense of dread permeates the darkness, one that can only be pierced with the light of a dwindling flashlight in horror game Colina: Legacy.




Alex will want to keep the lights on as he explores his grandmother’s abandoned house. The normal flashlight will reveal the paths he can take through the claustrophobic house, but using it in tandem with a found artifact will reveal hidden, unsettling writing and other clues as to where his family has disappeared to.


That same light will help him against the things that are lurking in his grandmother’s home. Living puppets, which will dog him persistently throughout the house and tight halls, can be turned back and defeated using this special light. However, more powerful enemies will also appear as he explores, and his flashlight doesn’t have an infinite amount of power. Players will need to find batteries, as well as other hiding places to keep away from the more dangerous beings to come. 




Players will also have to deal with these monsters while solving complex, strange puzzles. These are designed to be very challenging, with the developers saying they’ve stumped people in their own studio with these tasks.


Players will be able to explore the depths of grandma’s house, as well as discover the monsters that are hiding in each dark hall, by the end of this year.

Alistair Wong
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