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Like Fire Emblem And Tales of Xillia, Fantasy Life Has DLC To Make The Game Easier


We’ve already shown the video and gone over the basics of what will be updated in Level 5’s Fantasy Life Link 1.4 major update, which recently landed in Japan. Now, we also have full details on exactly what’s going on with regard to the Masters’ quests and Ultimate Equipment.


The 12 Masters will join after players complete each of their ultimate trials, which are:


Woodcutter: Chop down the Sacred Tree of a Thousand Year’s in the Father’s Plains.


Fisherman: Kill the Poseidon Marlin in the Undersea Cave.


Blacksmith: Obtain the Blade of the Hero in the Haniwa caves.


Carpenter: Find The Rocking Chair of Dreams in the Kiritachi Mountains.


Miner: Kill The Stone Golem at the Lava Cave.


Seamstress: The Kigurumi House in the Sky Islands. The Seamstress quest requires several drops such as two Pastel Cottons from monsters in the area, two Star threads, and two Happiness Buttons.


Cook: It’s gotta be cooking – Ouray Hot Pot from the Shellfish Caves.


Hunter: Hunt the Typhoon Birds on Marappa Island. They cause massive tornadoes to appear which will severely damage players.


Mercenary: Kill the Lord of Curses in the Sansan Desert.


Soldier: Kill the former Inemuri Dragon in the Father’s Plains.


Wizard: The Pumpkin Group (Which you may have spotted in the video throwing pumpkin monsters) at Komorevu Forest.


Alchemist: Get the Amulet of Demons from the Underground Lake.


You’ll also get Gold Mars Coins—although, there are Silver coins as well—from completing these quests, which can be used to pray to the Goddess for additional new items.


To help complete these mega quests, it might be a good idea to first hunt down the Ultimate Equipment. These pieces of gear come from the Goddess Statues and form four different types of gear, each with their own colored horses:


  • Kuruburuku – The Dragon King’s Equipment
  • Port Port – The Sea King’s Equipment
  • Dasurumorosu – The Devil King’s Equipment
  • Komorevu – The Spirit King’s Equipment


Meg’s Daily Quests will require players to either buy certain items from stores or hunt down rare ingredients to give to the storekeeper. Successfully doing so nets you Silver Mars Coins.


Some of the earlier reported additional items will be held payments. These include the Gold Goddess Statue, which will help you net Gold Mars Coins more easily, an inn to stay at, and some of the avatar reboot items such as the bonus reset item. Buying any of the items will net you some free Gold Mars coins as well. This is similar in concept to RPGs like Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei IV or Tales of Xillia, where you can pay to buy content that makes the game a little easier on you.