Limited Cup Noodle Soda Sold for 50th Anniversary

Cup Noodle Soda

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Cup Noodle, an iconic Japanese instant ramen brand. To celebrate, manufacturer Nissin Foods is promoting Cup Noodle Soda, a limited line of carbonated beverages with flavors matching four of Cup Noodle’s most famous flavors. The sodas are limited to Japanese retailers. [Thanks, Livedoor News!]

The official Japanese Cup Noodle Twitter account posted the announcement. According to the tweet, the Cup Noodle Soda will deliver an “unprecedented” way to enjoy the flavors of Cup Noodle for “brave, resolute heroes” to enjoy.

The Cup Noodle Soda line comes in four flavors: Classic, Curry, Seafood, and Chili Tomato. The classic flavor resembles ginger ale, with an aroma of pepper and soy sauce. Seafood is a cream soda with a subtle seafood flavor woven in. Curry is more cola-like, with a spicy kick based on Japanese curry roux. Chili Tomato combines tomato flavoring with a tingling sensation. Each flavor comes in an aluminum bottle decorated like its respective Cup Noodle cup.

The Cup Noodle Soda line will be sold in a limited 50th Anniversary Complete Set. The set includes one can of each flavor, a package containing all eight standard Cup Noodle flavors (Classic, Seafood, Curry, Chili Tomato, Shio (Salt), Cheese Curry, Miso, and Tonkotsu (Pork bone broth)), and special Cup Noodle-flavored Umaibo snacks.

In addition, for a limited time, the main bar at Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel will run a promotional line of highball cocktails that use Cup Noodle Soda. The Italian Chili Highball will use Campari liqueur, the Summer Seafood Highball will incorporate dry gin, the Original Skye Highball will use single malt whiskey, and the Indian Bourbon Highball will use Bourbon.

The Cup Noodle Soda line will be sold at select Japanese online retailers and via Nissin’s online shop. The 50th Anniversary Complete Set will cost 2,998 JPY (about $28). Numerous games have also collaborated with Cup Noodle, including Final Fantasy XV. Bandai Spirits also released a plastic model kit of a classic Cup Noodle cup.

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