Lineage W Berserk Crossover Adds Guts in Berserker Armor

Lineage W Berserk

Lineage W, NCSoft’s massively multiplayer RPG, is getting a special guest: The Black Swordsman. Guts, the protagonist of legendary manga Berserk joins Lineage W for the game’s second collaboration with the manga. The event is live and will run until January 25, 2023. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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The second Lineage W Berserk crossover event is open to players level 30 and above. Players will need to play the event-specific Party Dungeons during the event, and defeat Nosferatu Zodd. Winning will award players currency they can exchange for five Morph Skins.

These cards are items that can transform a player’s character into one from the Berserk manga. The skins for this event include Guts, dressed in his Berserker armor, Nosferatu Zodd, the Wandering Princess Farnese, and the thousand-year-old Skeleton Knight. An additional skin can transform a player’s Doll into the dog-like Beast of Darkness.

Besides the skin cards, other goodies and items are available to trade for event currency, like recipe fragments to assemble unique weapons, Dragon’s Pearls, and Honor Coin Chests.

Two skins from the previous Lineage W Berserk crossover will also be made available for separate purchase, for those who missed the first event. The first skin is of Guts in his original outfit, and the second is of Puck, a Pisky elf and one of the Black Swordsman’s first companions.

Lineage W is available on PCs and mobile devices.

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