Linked Worlds Trailer Shows How Its World Changes As Time Passes

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Linked Worlds, a game where every step counts as one minute, and every event and NPC is on a timer that can changes events, quests, and lives, has released a new trailer showing the game in action.

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Players will see that NPCs who talk about going on adventures will actually leave to do them in Linked Worlds. NPCs and other characters will follow through with the actions they mention, and the player can follow them or help them by getting to know them and their schedule. Each NPC has such a schedule, and helping any of them can have useful effects for the player.


The trailer also delves into the game’s combat, showing the grid-based battle system. The player has access to melee attacks and abilities, and these will let players attack multiple enemies at once, teleport around the battlefield, or cut off certain paths to make combat easier. Clever use of these abilities will give players a mobility advantage, as well as let them decimate opponents from all angles.




Linked Worlds is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and is projected to release in Fourth Quarter of this year.

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