Little Busters! Is Going HD, Offering Dual Languages For Its Steam Release



For its Steam release, visual novel Little Busters! will offer HD quality visuals for the first time, and will also let players swap between the English and Japanese text however they like.



Little Busters! follows Riki, a young man who lost his parents as a child, and was only saved from his deep sadness through an accidental run-in with the Little Busters, a group of children who craved adventure. The goofy group enjoyed pretending to be heroes, and although many of their ‘missions’ didn’t turn out well, they did pull Riki from his despair.


Years later, they still find themselves together at school, and the player will join them on their new adventures as Riki enters his second year. These will involve some minigames that will get the characters into fistfights, have them play a round of baseball, or shoot zombie-like creatures, all while the characters grow closer as they grow up. 




Players can speak with several different heroines and side characters, really getting to know the group through their actions and the time they spend with them.


This port, which improves upon the original release of Little Busters! PERFECT EDITION, is raising votes on Steam Greenlight  in advance of its release sometime this year.

Alistair Wong
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