Nintendo 3DS

Little Doll Princess From Arc System Works Hits Nintendo 3DS eShop


09765984 Arc System Works have released a Japanese Nintendo eShop game, Little Doll Princess with Dish, as part of their family-friendly Arc Style series.


The cute game puts you in the shoes of a doll princess who lives with her pets in an elegant dollhouse in the middle of an empty plain. One day, the princess decides to cook delicious food in order to attract dolls to her home and liven up the neighborhood.


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Throughout the game, you will be talk to various doll friends create dishes such as curry, steak, and omelet rice through 20 different mini-games. As you successfully create dishes, you will raise your friendship levels with your doll friends.



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Little Doll Princess with Dish is available on the Japanese eShop for Nintendo 3DS for 500 yen.