Little Dragons Café Has Has A Big World To Explore

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Coming from Toybox co-founder Yasuhiro Wada and Aksys Games is a heartwarming adventure about two misfit protagonists running a café and their dragon. Siliconera attended a preview event with Little Dragons Café and the game’s world is much bigger than the trailers hint at.


Draco, the dragon, is the key to exploring the world. When you beginning the game, Draco is tiny and runs away from the game’s monsters. As you progress through the game, Draco grows in size which allows him to push boulders the twin café caretakers, Ren and Rin, can jump on to reach new areas. Players will be able to soar through the skies with Draco and Little Dragons Café has a vertically a vast designed world you only get a glimpse of in the beginning of the game. Flying around with the dragon and exploring the charming, pencil-sketched world felt fun because there is so much to see. Wada also showed us there are islands to discover with rare recipes to find. These recipes are used when Ren and Rin cook for guests that visit the café.


Little Dragons Café has a colorful cast of characters too. There’s Chou Chou, a cat who sings in an idol group, a world-famous orc chef, a vampire that likes to play pranks, and Dr. Zeff, this steampunk-like human robot hybrid. At the center of the story, is Ren and Rem’s mother, the owner of the café who fell into a deep slumber. With help from an odd wizard who brings Draco’s egg to the café, players set off on an adventure to revive their mother.


We’ll have more Little Dragons Café coverage on Siliconera before the game releases on August 24, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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