CyberConnect2 aren’t done adding crossover characters from .hack’s The World into their cute and furry mobile game Little Tail Story. This time, they’ve added Haseo and his gang from .hack//G.U.



The event is running till the 21st of August, so you’ll have to hop to it. Completing the event will net you Hasenyan in Xth form, a furry version of Haseo from hack//G.U.



img_hackgu_00 img_hackgu_03

img_hackgu_04 img_hackgu_05

You can also snag Ovan, Atoli’s and other character gear, as well as two different gearsets for Hasenya, including his 1st form.


img_hackgu_01 img_hackgu_02

Hasenyan Xth the Terror of Death doesn’t quite inspire fear, but sure looks pretty cute.


Little Tail Story is out now on iOS and Android.


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