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Little Town Hero By Game Freak Introduces Its Colorful Characters With A New Trailer




    Game Freak is working on a new RPG called Little Town Hero that features music by Undetale creator Toby Fox and Hitomi Sato. Here’s a new trailer featuring its characters with new details and screenshots.


    Check out the new trailer below:


    You can check out character details and screenshots below, starting with an introduction of the protagonist and villagers:




    chara1_ss1_3a2873dc3d2ae7e6de4836eb5f49046d chara1_ss2_96b5bba3cd26d80376c55e477cdf6af0

    A hot-headed young resident of the village who dreams of the world outside. Finds a “Mysterious Stone” one day in the mines, and gains the power to fight the monsters.





    chara3_ss1_9affa6e7952b6aac7619b0eea2e2bc54 chara3_ss2_d5ca9e3246ebd564026bed56d91107d2

    An old friend of Axe’s who spends her days herding sheep for her grandmother. She’s popular among the girls of the village for her bright and energetic attitude.




    chara2_ss1_4604e2c7d9f4a360a5978f661df9c5c3 chara2_ss2_2ea27f8b11b6ac1b7432dae57bcd5c84

    Axe’s best buddy for many years, doing all sorts of mischief together. Always has Axe’s back when he needs him.




    chara4_ss1_cf2f5886162f7f5c34f69ec06bd76286 chara4_ss2_b70e9c6dc2d048538a4e9d9443d223b5

    Axe’s mother who raised him all on her own. Every soul in the village knows that Ember’s got some serious guts.




    chara5_ss1_d5cee1fa0e8b9c57661a770f56dbe482 chara5_ss2_79c25aa1fb419edf4a9afd83f214a58f

    The village merchant’s daughter whose actions sometimes reveal her privileged upbringing. She keeps some distance from the other kids, but gets along with them well enough.



    chara6_ss1_d9c47006938a5b05f8ada34fee4c0477 chara6_ss2_d078f904a1305bd977f8113cdc8195ff

    Axe’s self-proclaimed rival who never passes up a chance to try and get the best of him.


    Here are some of the residents of the castle:




    chara7_ss1_3122b559c61a7989f3fe0ddd5077bc5b chara7_ss2_60f3ecc6c05eaa71db39b3817e58bc8c

    A veteran warrior dispatched by the Castle to study the monster outbreak. While he’s an accomplished swordsman, he’s been known to sneak a drink or three before the end of the workday.


    King & Court Lady

    chara8_img_e0524d69599b92e732c109f759819f4c chara8_ss_372e1cc88954c60413ee53234ac0f26c

    The ruler of the kingdom who is generous and beloved by his subjects. The sudden monster outbreak has weighed heavily on his mind in recent days.




    chara10_img_61265d9103966b462ed5b95e48f6e08b chara10_ss_0c3427e28d72091c4131af7c3658bd22

    A young swordsman who assists the Minister. While he’s around Axe’s age, his skills as a warrior are peerless.



    chara9_img_8a5bf2ceeaf258248aed26f482ca24b0 chara9_ss_5639bc8e4b213ad6b0b510d9aba58da0

    A wise man who helps govern the land. He’s friendly with the villagers and always has the kingdom’s best interests in mind.


    Little Town Hero releases for Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2019. Check our previous report for more info on the game’s battle system and more.

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