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Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time’s Version 1.03 Update Adds Online And Offline Co-Op


lwa update 1

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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is receiving its Version 1.03 update, which adds multiplayer functionality for a post-game dungeon, new students to Luna Nova Academy, and the appearance of a familiar Cafe Proprietor.


The update comes out today (March 20, 2018) for the Japanese version of the game.


Online battles:

lwa update 2

Players can fight other players in a new Versus mode. Three battles will be chosen out of five random battles, and the first player to win two of them wins the entire match.


Online and offline Co-op:

lwa update 3

A new ‘Underground Dungeon’ has been discovered, that stretches deep under New Moon Tower. Players can team up online to take on the dungeon, where new Finishers, and items to increase the level cap, can be found.


lwa update 4

The new Finishers include one where Akko performs transformation magic, one where Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka team up; and finally, a dual strike by both Akko and Diana.


lwa update 5

With multiple controllers, players can take on the dungeon through local co-op play as well.


New students:

Verde Shidarisa (CV: Chinatsu Ishikawa)

lwa update 6


Catherine (CV: Ruriko Aoki)

lwa update 7


Lin-lin (CV: Airi Eino)

lwa update 8


Zizi Delevingne (CV: Saki Nitta)

lwa update 9


Mary (short for Marianne; CV: Mai Kiriya)

lwa update 10


Balsa McVinegar (CV: Nanami Yamashita)

lwa update 11


Shiki (CV: Akane Fujita)

lwa update 12


Jeanne (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)

lwa update 13


Café Proprietor (CV: Akihiro Matsushima)

lwa update 1


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is available for PlayStation 4 in Japan. The 1.03 update is already available through PlayStation Store. Previously, we reported that the game has a May 15, 2018 release date in the West, along with screenshots.

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