Little Witch Academia Is Getting A VR Broom Racing Game In Spring 2020



Trigger’s anime series Little Witch Academia is getting a brand-new VR game called Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing where you’ll get to fly around with Akko and her friends.


The game is being developed by Univrs, and it’ll have characters from the series flying on brooms and casting magic while racing. It is being made with Univrs’ motion sickness preventative measure in order to make it the best flight experience.


will be funded through a crowdfunding campaign that starts on July 4, 2019 via Kickstarter. The game will also be available to try out at Anime Expo 2019 from July 4 through July 7, 2019, where director Junichi Yamamoto will make an appearance.


Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing is expected to launch in Spring 2020. Its platforms were not announced. The game’s official website has an English language option, but so far it only has an introduction to the game and series.

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