Littlewood Lets You Rebuild a Town in the World You Saved


There have been a lot of life sims and farming games released in 2020, and Sean Young’s Littlewood joined the ranks on August 4, 2020. The full game has left early access and launched on PCs for $14.99. However, this is a town management and farming game with a bit of a twist.

In Littlewood, people follow the hero of a grand adventure. You managed to protect Solemn from a Dark Wizard. However, you don’t know what happened. Now, you have peaceful times ahead of you as you attempt to rebuild everything and give people a better life. As you build things up, you might even remember what happened to you.

There are the typical sorts of Stardew Valley activities here. You end up farming a bit, mining, and fishing so you can craft, create, and build yourself up. You can also form relationships with different people who will come to your town. However, you also have to actually build a town and find residents for it. So as you’re going through the game, you’re determining what your new home looks like and recruiting people who you could befriend or romance. The 1.0 launch brought with it more Special Moments, Town Events, enemies, items, Request Gifts, and music.

Take a peek at how it looks.

Littlewood is available for PCs via Steam.

Jenni Lada
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