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A Live-Action Drama Inspired By Father & Son Final Fantasy XIV Players Is Headed To Japan



This April, Japan will be getting a live-action TV drama inspired by the popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. [Thanks, Kotaku.]


Called “Final Fantasy XIV – Daddy of Light,” the show is about a father and son with a rather strained relationship, develop a bond and grow closer together whilst playing the MMORPG title. The show is an adaptation of a Japanese blog created by a Final Fantasy XIV player who wrote a series of posts about helping out his father in the game without revealing that he is in fact his son.



The TV drama will star Ren Osugi as the father and Yudai Chiba as the son and will tell the story via a mix of live-action and in-game scenes.


Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light (or Final Fantasy XIV: The Father of Light, as titled on the blog) is expected to air in April 2017.


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.