Lobotomy Corp – Manage A Containment Facility For Dangerous Monstrosities

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Monsters, mythological beasts, urban legends, folkloric legends, Cthulu horrors, and other mind-bending creatures are real and must be contained in Lobotomy Corp, a management sim where your main task as boss is to keep your staff alive and sane.




In Lobotomy Corp, the monster containment facility is run through drawing energy from the creatures contained within it. This means those monsters will have to be fed and cared for, so players will have to hire staff to take care of the monster’s needs.




Monsters have their own powers and traits that make them difficult to care for, and the player will not know those at first. This means they will have to carefully study each creature, adding information to an Encyclopedia that keeps its information between playthroughs. Once the player knows a monster, it is easier to care for and contain it.




Employees also have their own traits, though, which will either make them better suited to care for the monsters or more susceptible to a monster’s powers.




The various monsters are also prone to escaping, either through manipulating a staff member or through their own abilities. This means players will need to have a plan to recapture them, or else witness a chain reaction as staff are killed or driven mad, often causing the release of more creatures and further mayhem.




Should the player do well, they can use gathered energies to continue to expand the facility and contain even more monsters and do further research on them. Should they not, it will mean rehiring staff or a facility-wide sterilization of every living thing.




Lobotomy Corp draws inspiration from SCP horror stories, The Cabin in the Woods, and Warehouse 13. It is currently on Steam Greenlight and trying to raise funding through Kickstarter. It has a projected release date of September 2016.

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