Long Gone Days, An RPG With A Story 12 Years In The Making



Chilean artist Camila Gormaz has announced her upcoming RPG Long Gone Days. She’s been developing the story and characters for the past 12 years. “The character have grown by my side and I finally feel it’s the moment to release their stories,” says Gormaz.


It follows the story of a man called Rourke who is designated to be a soldier from birth. He lives in the core of the Earth, which is invisible to everyone outside of it, and where the State decides everyone’s roles and trains them to be experts from a young age.


“After being deployed to the surface, Rourke finds himself in a world full of new things, and for the first time in his prefabricated life, he feels like he has a choice,” reads the description. “Driven by his will to be free, he does the impossible to desert his post and convince others, not really knowing the overall consequences of his actions.”


Long Gone Days will have quests, lots of dialogue, and turn-based battles. There will be no random encounters. There will also be a couple of mini-games in which characters are said to “try to break out of their bubbles and learn about social conventions.”


You have to take charge of your party and ensure to say the right things to each member in order to keep their morale high. If a party member’s moral is too low they won’t fight for you.


When assembling a party, other than considering the different abilities of members in battle, you may want “Interpreters” who can translate different languages so you can complete quests with NPCs who speak a language other than English.


Updates on Long Gone Days can be found on its website, Tumblr, RPG Maker forums, and TIGSource. It’s currently in the early stages of development.

Chris Priestman