Look at the FFXIV Dawntrail Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Reaper, and Samurai Changes
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Look at the FFXIV Dawntrail Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Reaper, and Samurai Changes

After going over the Tank jobs, the Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live LXXXI Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi mentioned the Melee DPS job changes and adjustments to the Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Reaper, and Samurai. These went over how specific skills change, as well as new actions that will be added.

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First, the general FFXIV Dawntrail Melee DPS job changes came up. For all characters, Second Wind will be stronger. Once someone gets into the level 90 to 100 range, it will heal more of a player’s health. The increase in level will also affect Feint. It will last 15 seconds as someone levels up to the new cap.

As for the more specific changes to the FFXIV Dawntrail Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Reaper, and Samurai jobs, these involve a mix of new actions and updates to make existing abilities function better. Things started with the Monk, which will greatly change. The goal will be to make each new action more potent. In the past, players’ rotations involved buffs and DOTs. Brotherhood will be changes to stop chakra overflow by now allowing 10. Three Dragoon changes were mentioned. The big ones are that Drakesbane is being added to the single-target combo and Life of the Dragon won’t require Dragon Gauge. The Ninja’s Huton will become an AOE attack with Hidden, and its effect will become a trait for the class. With a Samurai, there are two things happening. Tsubame-gaeshi can be used after Meikyo Shisui after 7.0. Also, Hakaze, Midare Setsugekka, and Tenka Goken will become actions. Finally, Reaper can use Enshroud after Plentiful Harvest, and Enshroud will get a new action tied to it.

Here are the five slides looking at the FFXIV Dawntrail Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Reaper, and Samurai changes.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, and the Dawntrail expansion debuts on July 2, 2024.

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