Look Out, Style Savvy – This Fashion Modeling Game Has A Great Deal Of Depth



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The considerable complexities of how to dress, match and mix clothing’s, accessories and other related things surrounding a fashionable woman before they head out is a black box to me. But just watching Model Stylish Audition: Dream Girl’s video, I think I might be able to get even just a glimpse into that world already.


This Nintendo 3DS simulation game lets players create their own lady character who stumbles and slowly grows into the world of fashion and modeling. It’s up to you to guide her to become the next big thing in the modeling world.


To that end, there’s some 5,000 different clothing’s to dress up in, and I’m relatively sure this doesn’t include the even further staggering amounts of customizable minor details players can also do such as individual nail paintings and artworks—or even just designing and creating your own fashion clothing’s at will.


You’ll be able to choose from dozens of eye styles, colors, makeups, hair… the list is so long I’m sure I haven’t caught it all. Once done, players can head out to town and hopefully get scouted by modeling agency scouts who just so happen to be wandering around for the next big thing (You) and who might score you on your looks and outfit. Do well and a modeling shoot might occur which is your chance!


Those shoots can range from magazine covers to even a successful encounter to strut down the walkway—where a mini-rhythm/match game takes place. It seems there’ll also be conversational encounters with more than just generic agency guys and the possibility of romance.


It’s also worth nothing (if it wasn’t obvious from the video) that the game is played sideways, which as history has told my fingers is actually very awkward. The flat-screened Nintendo 2DS might fix that, though.



Model Stylish Audition: Dream Girl will be available in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS November 14th.

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