The Lootmancers Of This Roguelite Turn Treasure Into Weapons


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Coin Crypt is a new roguelite deckbuilding adventure game about lootmancers. Instead of duelling with cards, lootmancers use the power inside of coins to get one up over each other.


Just think of the coins as cards, except that you burn through them much quicker than you would with cards in other deckbuilding games. The reason for that is that, as is often the case in life, you need to spend money get more money in Coin Crypt.


The coins all have different functions, with the most basic being shield, restore health, and attack. As you progress through the procedurally generated dungeons, you will find more types of coin as well as tougher enemies to take on.


If you die then permadeath means you’ll have to start over, so the further you progress, the more tension there is placed on each battle. There are, however, 19 unlockable classes that each play differently, so you can always try out a different class on your next run.


Coin Crypt is available to purchase for Windows and Mac right now for $9.99 (launch discounted to $8.49) on Steam and its website.

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