Lord of Vermilion IV’s New Trailer Shares A Glimpse Of Its Next-Gen Digital Card Battles



Square Enix revealed Lord of Vermilion IV for arcade last month, and they’ve followed up with a new trailer as well as some details on what’s new in the next-generation of the digital card game series at JAEPO 2017.


As previously reported,  the game features main character designs by Taiki, who previously worked on Digimon World: Next Order, and Tomitaka as the character art director. The music is being handled by Taku Iwasaki as the composer.


Adding to the game’s “Awakening” and “Super Awakening” features that were introduced in Lord of Vermilion Re:3, Lord of Vermilion IV introduces a new “Blood Crystal” system that allows you to equip two “Blood Abilities” on the protagonist.


There’s also a new “Ultimate Raid” feature that is basically a more powerful version of the “Ultimate Spell” but you can only use it once per match.


And finally, one more new feature is the PSY parameter that indicates “spiritual power.” The higher your PSY is, the higher job action rates, mana absorption rates, and such increase.


Lord of Vermilion IV releases in Japan in Summer 2017 for arcade.

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