Lorelai Is A Point & Click Descent Into A World Of Hellish Visions



Lorelai has had something important taken from her, and even if she has to march through a world of distorted sounds, disturbing imagery, and unsettling visions, she’ll retrieve what was lost in this horror point & click adventure.




Created by the developer of The Cat Lady and Downfall, Lorelai promises the same kinds of creepy places, violent use of color, and sickening events and people to tell a story of loss.


There are few details on what the game is about, save that Lorelai has had something taken from her and that she “will fight. And even death won’t stop her from getting it all back.”


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Lorelai is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and expects to release at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

Alistair Wong
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