Lost Order By Final Fantasy Tactics Makers Is Looking Very Pretty And Final Fantasy-Esque

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Cygames announced Lost Order last year, a real-time tactics title that boasts an all-star cast of Japanese developers including Yasumi Matsuno, and it’ll be developed by Platinum Games. Here’s the latest update on the game from Famitsu.


To give you an idea what kind of talent is working on Lost Order, it features Yasumi Matsuno, the game designer known for working on games such as Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, and more. The art director is none other than Akihiko Yoshida, who worked with Matsuda in the Ogre games as well as Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, and much more during their time together at Square. As of late, he’s worked on the Bravely games and NieR: Automata.


Joining the former Square buddies are Platinum Games’ Daisuke Sakata who worked on sound designs for Bayonetta, and Fuzz’s Yoshiki Kashitani who previously worked with Square Enix as the lead game designer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and main programmer for Final Fantasy XIII, Dierge of Cerberus, and more.


Q1: Please tell us about its current state of development.

A: It’s at about 70% or so.


Q2: Around when can we expect it to release?

A: We’re in the midst of working hard on it. Please look forward to it!


Q3: When do you plan to release the next information on it?

A: We should be able to release new information sometime at the beginning of 2017.


Q4: What is the main attraction about Lost Order?

A: Being able to fight together with rich 3D characters! It’s shaping up to become a game that will let you enjoy the powerful charm of real-time tactics to your heart’s content. With enhanced content such as team composition, equipment, and other strategic elements, we believe that you’ll get to enjoy it as a tough game with simple controls.


Q5: Please share a message for the fans looking forward to Lost Order.

A: Our aim is to go beyond the borders of smartphone apps in terms of quality as its development continues. It’ll make us pleased if you can wait just a little longer in anticipation!




Lost Order is labeled as a “real-time tactics” game, where its automatic battles take place on a vast field. Similar to other real-time strategy games, players will need to watch over the entire battlefield and make their strategic choices accordingly to situations.



The game takes place in the “Perished Capital of Gold Heaven,” a hierarchical city that was created for colonial purposes for a new continent. They say the story revolves around the issue of social disparity that is rooted in the city. There’s also the mysterious “Legend of the Thirteen Soaring Jet Black Knights” will also play a key in the game’s story.




The above is a first look at some of the parts of Gold Heaven, where we can see some airships and what looks like some sort of port for them.


Here’s a look at the four main characters:


Roz (CV: Koki Uchiyama)


A young man whose wish is to obtain true freedom. He continues his fight at Gold Heaven in order to seek the truth of what is right in the world.


Blaze (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)


He’s a clumsy young man, but one who cares a lot about his comrades. He has fallen into despair in the past, but was saved after meeting Roz and other friends.


Chelsea (Haruka Tomatsu)


A girl who loves her everyday life with friends. Her wish is for the current times to last forever, and keeps having a feeling of uneasiness about the thoughts of growing up or having the world change before her.


Shone (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)


An innocent girl. Whether it be growing up into an adult or the world sees any kind of change, she believes that she’ll continue being herself.


Lost Order is in development for iPhone and Android.

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