Love Esquire Is About A Lowly Squire Looking For Romance

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Dating sim Love Esquire casts the player as a lowly squire, one who’ll have to assist their knight in turn-based combat, but who’s much more interested in the local bachelorettes.


Players will have four months to build up a relationship with one of five different women, but will also have to juggle that time with building up their stats so that they and their knight, Hugh, don’t die out in a field somewhere. The protagonist’s stats matter in a fight not because they’ll be attacking monsters, but because they’ll be providing morale-boosting cheers, healing Hugh, and picking up the loot afterwards so that the knight can always purchase the best gear. Doing this will be key to keeping the pair breathing.

When not in a fight, the protagonist can spend time with princesses, nurses, and envoys around town. Each has their own personality and will respond to different actions so players will have to work to get to know them if they wish to get to one of the game’s eleven endings involving that particular character. If they’re stuck, they can always use some of that retrieved loot to buy items that will help them impress the one they like, or get some advice on how to move forward.


Love Esquire is currently in development, and is tentatively scheduled for Q3 2018.

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