Lovecraft RPG Offers Deep Character & Sanity-Protection Customization



Players will set up many aspects of their character – their back story, stats, abilities, and what faith they can cling to when their sanity dwindles – in Lovecraft CRPG Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones.




The 2D tactical RPG gives players a great deal of ability to customize their characters before taking them out beyond the streets of Arkham. They can choose an archetype such as Investigator or Performer, each having strengths and weaknesses in certain areas that will help in combat, exploration, or conversation. Each can also be further customized with skills and perks, some better suited for an archetype than others.




Each character will also have a belief system they cling to when fighting monstrosities and facing unsettling situations. They can be aligned to one of six belief systems, from rational to humanistic to divine, and through positive moments that connect to one of these systems, they will gain back necessary sanity that’s been lost to horrible events.




In combat, players will choose from several abilities on each turn as they beat back the game’s enemies. Players can also decide to cast spells instead of using the game’s hand to hand and ranged attacks, although casting spells comes with costs to health, sanity, or attributes rather than a spellcasting trait.




With the world drawing such heavy inspiration from Lovecraft, the game will also feature a handful of recruitable NPCs drawn from his written works. The Nameless Soldier, the Outsider, and Dusky, a psychic cat, can all join the player’s party, although each has quirks that may make them difficult to be around or rely on.




Those interested in exploring the desolate aftermath of Black Day, where the world vanished under the shadow of the Old Ones, can donate to the game’s Kickstarter to help with its development. Should it meet its funding goal, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is expected to release in November of 2017.

Alistair Wong
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