LoveKami -Useless Goddess- Is A Visual Novel Of Goddess Rehabilitation



Akane is a goddess who is supposed to be living in peace amongst the humans, but with her refusal to go to school, and her power to make electricity go haywire, she’s in need of a change of behavior. This is where the player comes in with LoveKami -Useless Goddess-, a new visual novel from the developers of Lovekami –Divinity Stage-.




Taking place in a world where goddesses are supposed to help humans and live among them to get to know them better according to the Divine Education Act, Akane is a troublemaker. Rather than help humans, she causes trouble, which results in her being branded as an Aragami. As a known naughty goddess, she gets another goddess dispatched to rehabilitate her: Inori. However, the player’s character, Sho, stumbles across Akane after she collapses in the street, getting himself tangled in the journey to make Akane a better person.


Players will be able to play through the various silly moments and arguments between the two goddesses, accidentally dragging his childhood friend and landlord, Maika, into the mix. While this will initially cause trouble for all of them, with the player’s help and some careful decision-making, they can all become better friends, have some intimate moments, and help Akane cease her troublemaking ways.




LoveKami –Useless Goddess– is set to release this Summer on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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