This Lovely Lady Will Provide You With Information In God Eater 2

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God Eater 2 is delving into characters that players will interact with during the course of the game this week, including your pals in the Blood special forces. But before we get into that, here, have a pic of Alisa after she’s fallen down.


(OK, moving on.)



First up is Dr. Leah Claudius, a cool and composed lady who’s the Chief Development Officer that helped create God Arc Soldier tech. She works alongside the wheelchair-bound but equally brilliant Dr. Rachel, who’s the one who actually founded the special forces team Blood that players are a part of. Dr Rachel’s the Chief Supervisor of Fenrir’s Friar Branch Aragami Technology department, no mean feat. These two ladies will be the ones backing you up both during and between battles with information.


Also shown were examples of the special character episodes which players will need to do (they’re technically side-missions, but they unlock new Blood Arts). It seems they’re short vignettes that help advance relations and explore the back-stories of each character more.


Gilbert proves surprisingly handy and well-versed despite his gruff and uncaring exterior when asked to handle some raw materials used in research. As you can see in the last pic, it looks like a Blood Art was obtained too.


009 011



Alisa begins questioning if it’s possible for others to unleash Blood Arts.




Even the maintenance chick gets her events! Rika’s the mechanic in charge of maintaining all the God equipment lying around after battle. Do well with her event and you’ll be able to unlock the Link Support Device.



Finally, a new big bad Aragami to hunt has been revealed—Kabbalah Kabbalah.

001 005

This tricky lava Aragami will practically force players to dance to its tune, with a special oscillation pulse ability that forces your weapons to follow along with the tunes. You’ll need to wait carefully and time your attacks when it’s not dancing—usually after it’s unleashed its huge lightning warhead attack. Watch out for its tricky jumping patterns too, it’ll jump around randomly before suddenly zooming in on your location.


God Eater 2 will be out on PSP and Vita November 14th in Japan.

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