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Lovely x Cation Shares A Look At Its Vita Version’s AR Camera Feature



5pb. are porting a two-in-one package for Lovely x Cation on the PlayStation Vita, which will feature some new features along with additional scenes and major events. The official website shares a look at the new AR camera mode, and more.


2015-05-06_020606 2015-05-06_020929


One of the new features to be added in Lovely x Cation 1 & 2 for PlayStation Vita is the AR camera mode, which lets you take a picture with one of the heroines. As seen in the above screen, you can choose out of various poses and positions to better fir your photo.


2015-05-06_020340 2015-05-06_020356


The above shows some scenario images. According to 5pb. there’s a big increase in additional scenarios and main events, meaning there are more dating opportunities for a chance to make even more memories.



As previously reported, Lovely x Cation 1 & 2 will also have the “Lovely Call” feature, where you can pick a nickname from a list, and the heroines will call you by, to give them more of a personal touch.


Another feature that will also be included in the PlayStation Vita port is the “Hobby Tuning” system, which lets you further deepen your bond with the girls according to various choices you make throughout the game.


2015-05-06_021801 2015-05-06_021812


The “Lovely Shot” feature is exclusive to the second game of the package, where you can get QR codes that show up during events to save the scenes as a wallpaper.


2015-05-06_022017 2015-05-06_022031 2015-05-06_022043

Lovely x Cation 2 also has a “Walking Talk” feature, that lets you go on walks with the girls once you get closer to being at an “above friendship” relationship with one of them.


Lovely x Cation 1 & 2 will release in Japan on May 21, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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