LovePlus Every Enters Extended Maintenance Due To Game-Breaking Bugs


love plus every

Despite only having been in service since October 31, smartphone title LovePlus Every was found to be bug-filled in unfair ways. The game entered extended maintenance on November 2, and is expected to continue maintenance until the 7th at least. [Thanks, NetLabo!]


Bugs that were found in the game included being able to obtain log-in bonuses infinitely; not loading Challenge data properly, which caused players to be unable to continue with other Challenges; and currency not being usable properly.

The game entered maintenance on midnight of the 2nd, and was only meant to last four hours, but was extended to today, November 5. Come today, and the maintenance has been extended to November 7, with a warning on their Twitter saying that it may last beyond that date if needed.


The extended maintenance of the game has lead to frustration among players and fans of the series, with some players saying things like, “I can’t meet my girlfriend because she’s in maintenance.”


LovePlus Every is available for Android and iOS, but isn’t accessible until at least November 7, 2019.

Alistair Wong
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