LovePlus Producer And Character Designer Leave Konami



    Konami just took another blow in the staff department, as their LovePlus series’ senior producer Akari Uchida and character designer Mino Taro recently announced their resignation from the company. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


    Akari Uchida, nicknamed “Uchi-P” for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, and also known as the “father-in-law” of the LovePlus series has resigned from his position at Konami earlier today.


    “I still don’t know yet, but I’d like to keep up the pace and continue doing what I can do,” said Uchida when asked about his future plans.


    He was also asked about what led to his decision to resign from Konami, to which he answered, “it was when a fan told me ‘thank you!’ while clenching my hand in tears. In the end, it was the my best decision after thinking about what I can do for such fans from this point on.”


    “Now that I have all the time to think about the unlimited things I can do, [the thoughts] of hopes and uncertainty has me jumping up and down like a child,” Uchida added. I’d like to have an opportunity to be able to make something together with you all, so when that time comes, please lend me your strength. Let’s cause a commotion together, again!”


    As for Mino Taro, he previously worked alongside Uchida for LovePlus and Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side as a character designer. He resigned from Konami on February 15th.


    “I have nothing but the deepest feelings for the titles I’ve worked on,” said Mino Taro. “In the midst of working in rough conditions as a video game creator, there was a lot I thought about, but I’ve come to my decision after thinking about the last opportunity of being able to do things I wasn’t able to  with Konami.”



    Mino Taro also tweeted that since the name “Mino Taro” was part of Konami, he will now continue on as a freelancer under the pen name “Minoboshi Taro,” as his fresh new start.

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