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Low-Poly RPG Ashen Shows Off One Of Its Gigantic Creatures



Aurora44 revealed a new trailer for its open world, low-poly RPG Ashen during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. For the first time, the trailer showed off one of the game’s gigantic creatures that you’ll be able to encounter inside its world.


At its most basic, Ashen is a third-person action-RPG that places emphasis on high-risk combat and passive multiplayer. It takes place in a world without a sun. The only light comes from the glowing ash of an active volcano. And in this land there roams cannibals, opportunistic bandits, wild beasts, giants, and strange creatures of the dark.



You have a camp somewhere in this world and are able to explore it at your own will. However, leaving the camp leaves you at the mercy of the elements, as well as thirst, hunger, and any creature you may happen across. Combat is stamina-based if you die you’ll respawn without the items you had in your backpack, but will keep whatever you were wearing on your person.


Not everything you meet in Ashen’s dark world is hostile. You’ll also find NPCs and online players who you can bring back to your campfire, but only if you trust them. If you judge the a character’s personality wrong the risk is that they end up murder the others at your camp and steal your possessions. Others might help you out. But you don’t have to take people back to your camp as your other option is to have them join you in battles if you wish, or you can ignore them altogether.



Ashen will be coming to Xbox One and PC whenever it’s finished. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman