Lucina, Roy, Lyn, And Ike’s Alternate Versions Now Up For Grabs In Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes’ new Summoning Focus “Brave Heroes” featuring alternate costumes and weapons for Lucina, Roy, Lyn, and Ike is now live. Here’s a closer look at the popular Heroes.


Nintendo promised a while back in February that the top-2 male and top-2 female Heroes in the Choose Your Legends campaign would get special versions, and you can check them out in the above trailer.


Here’s more information on the Heroes and their skills learnable at 5-star:


Lucina (CV: Alexis Tipton, Artist: Kozaki Yusuke)


Roy (CV: Ray Chase, Artist: Wada Sachiko)



Lyn (CV: Wendee Lee, Artist: Yamada Kotaro)



Ike (CV: Greg Chun, Artist: Kita Senri)


The Brave Heroes Summoning Focus is now live. Don’t forget that the first roll is always free, but this time the game is letting us pick any as a 5-star Hero, so this is a perfect opportunity to add a powerful ally to your lineup.


We should also note that a Quick Hero Battle event started yesterday, where participants can win a special wallpaper for defeating enemies. All players will also be rewarded with up to 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers depending on the total points earned globally.


The new Voting Gauntlet featuring the top-4 male and top-4 female Heroes from the “Choose Your Legends” campaign is also live and will be available through September 5. You can check the Round 1 matchups below:




Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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