In Lucius II: The Prophecy, You Control An Evil Child With Supernatural Powers



Lucius II: The Prophecy is the sequel to Shiver Games’ Lucius, an indie adventure game where players take control of an evil child with supernatural powers. The follow-up continues from where the original game ended, as Lucius is hospitalized in a psychiatric ward after burning down his parent’s house and killing everyone in it.


According to Johannes Aikio of Shiver Games, this new installment will feature more freedom and an improved sandbox-type setting for players to experiment with. There will be more ways to inflict pain and suffering on the occupants of St. Benedict’s Hospital, and even the caretakers of the facility will not be spared from your murderous wrath.


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Lucius II: The Prophecy will be out on Steam sometime in early 2015.

Tim Wee