Lugia, Shining Magikarp to Appear in Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Packs

Lugia Pokemon Trading Card Game 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG

In a tweet posted today, The Pokemon Company gave people a sneak-peek at new Lugia and Shining Magikarp cards both coming to 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG packs. These will be released in Japan on October 22, 2021. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Both holographic cards will feature the 25th Anniversary logo on the right side, and getting both will mean making multiple purchases. While the brand-new Lugia card can be found in Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Anniversary booster packs, the elusive Shining Magikarp will only make an appearance in special promo booster packs available only to those purchasing four or more booster packs.

The Shining Magikarp card is a reprint originally featured in 2001’s Neo Revelation release. All cards in the special promo booster packs contain one of twenty-five classic cards, and all will feature a holofoil pattern. Special Pikachu cards, such as Birthday Pikachu, and a reprint of the original Venusaur card, have also been announced in these promo packs.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was originally launched in Japan on October 20, 1996. As of March 2020, over 30 billion Pokemon cards have been sold worldwide.

The first round of the 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG set, Celebrations, will be released in the west on October 8, 2021, with the second round set to release in late October 2021. The Lugia and Shining Magikarp Pokemon TCG cards will debut in Japan on October 22, 2021

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