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Luigi’s Mansion 3 To Get Paid DLC For Multiplayer Features After Release


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The official store page for Luigi’s Mansion 3 has gone online, and the game is now available for preloading. At the same time, thanks to the page, we now know that paid DLC is planned for the game down the line, for the game’s multiplayer features.


According to the page, the ScareScraper and Scream Park modes will be getting additional features via paid DLC, although no details are present as to when and what these additional features are. ScareScraper has four players working together to clear out ghosts from each floor under a time limit, and try to clear the entire tower. Meanwhile, Scream Park was revealed during the Nintendo Direct and has up to 8 players joining teams of Luigi or Gooigi to collect coins and defeat ghosts that pop up on one of several different maps.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be available on the Nintendo Switch on October 31, 2019.

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