la2.jpgFunny story about Luminous Arc 2, I specifically asked Atlus if they were localizing this and Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars Original Generations Saga last weekend. We talked a little about the blatant boob jokes in Mugen no Frontier, but the quote from Luminous Arc 2 was a disheartening reference to the Xseed/Marvelous partnership. Even after the discussion I didn’t think the agreement with Xseed would affect Atlus since other publishers like Natsume still publish Marvelous stuff.


The good news is the costly voice acting project of Luminous Arc 2 is green lit and scheduled to come out this November. Atlus dropped the “Will” subtitle, but every cartridge comes with a bonus music CD. The disc may or may not be the selection of eight songs on the Luminous Symphony CD, a gift for everyone that pre-ordered the game in Japan.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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