Luminous Arc Infinity Sings Details About Song Magic And MVP Heroines

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Last year, Marvelous announced Luminous Arc Infinity for the PlayStation Vita, and while we haven’t heard too much about the game’s latest, the official website updates us with some details on the game’s system and how it flows.


In Luminous Arc Infinity, the game cycles through with story advancement along with various quests and events. The next part is the “Battle Briefing” section, where you set up the characters you want to take into battle. Each character has their own abilities that can be customized as well.



As for the battles, they’re done in turn-based fashion, with the protagonist having unique commands to support the characters. The other characters get support from the protagonist, as they use songs to take on the battles.



The above demonstrates what happens when song magic is used. “Calling” is where you can use songs to power up allies within vicinity. These power-ups can increase regular attacks, Arts, and more.


2015-03-11_015920 2015-03-11_015933

When using the Calling feature, it also activates an effect that involves all the heroines nearby, as part of the “Ensembling” system. When used, the effects can multiply. It starts out with a Solo, then can go into a Duet, Trio, or Quartet for better buffs.


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The heroines can unleash magic power called “Lapis” by singing songs. Once this magic fills up all the way, they can use ultimate arts called “Lapis Burst” to deal some heavy damage on the enemies. The heroines all have their own unique Lapis Burst abilities that go with their personalities and traits.


2015-03-11_020620 2015-03-11_020635

Depending on how well the heroines do in battle, they can get bonus experience by being the MVP of the stage, so you can always have your favorite heroine be more active in battle to receive extra experience points to your liking.



Once fights are over, there’s an “After Break” part that takes place. The After break is where you’ll get to converse with other characters and increase friendship parameters by answering questions from select choices in visual novel-like fashion.


Luminous Arc Infinity is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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