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Luminous Arc Infinity Trailer Recaps The Game’s Battle System



Marvelous’ upcoming strategy RPG, Luminous Arc Infinity, features a bonding system with various heroines to being able to pull off a quartet of song magic abilities in battle. The latest trailer for the game features some of the game’s main highlights.



The video starts out with a short description on what Luminous Arc Infinity is about, and how its heroines will sing song to provide the “Lapis” with the power of magic, which then flows it onto the rest of the world.


Next, we see a bit of the floating city of Floatia, which is basically powered by Lapis. From the Power Room that is generated by “Gravity Lapis” to the giant “Lapis Spring” used to produce water. You can read more about that in our earlier report.


As for the battle system, it involves various forms of song magic from the heroines. “Calling” is where you can use song magic to power up allies within vicinity. This feature also uses the “Ensembling” system, which multiplies the Calling effect when others use it nearby at the same time for a Duet, Trio, or even Quartet effect.


“Duo Strike” is a combination attack between heroines when they share an affinity with each other. “Lapis Burst” is like an ultimate arts that deals heavy damage to the enemies. All the heroines have their own unique Lapis Burst abilities.


At 1:55, we get a look at the “Produce Plan” system used to grow our heroines. This allows you to customize characters to your liking, out of different branches such as “Pure,” “Variety,” “Cool,” and “Beauty”.


Next, we get to see more from the “After Break” feature, where you get to deepen your bond with the girls. You can choose to max out your bond with a single girl, or do your best to increase it as high as possible with all of them. You can check out more from some of the main heroine sin our earlier report.


Luminous Arc Infinity will release in Japan on August 6, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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