Luminous Avenger iX’s Next Septima Are A Company President And Her Personal Assistant

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The official website for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX has been updated with the profiles for two more Septima bosses that Copen must face down – company president Stella, and her personal assistant, Dystnine.


Stella (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi)

stella 1

An Adept in possession of the “Gravity” Septima.

Her control of gravity lets her swing high-density bladed discs at her enemies, as well as restrict their movements by altering the gravity around them. She is more capable of lowering gravity than raising it, though. She can lower the gravity over an entire area, but must focus on specific objects or people in order to increase gravity.

Stella became president of the electronics manufacturer “Gargantua” at a young age. The company grew and became the nation’s leading manufacturer thanks to her shrewd decision making and top-notch business acumen. She has little faith in her subordinates and treats the corporation as her own “one-woman show”.

The sole exception is her android assistant Dystnine, to whom she has completely opened up.

Stella became a Falcon in order to protect Dystnine, who is in danger of being confiscated by Sumeragi for “research purposes”.


Here are some screenshots of Stella’s attacks below:

stella 1 stella 2

stella 3 stella 4

stella 5


Copen earns the Orbital Edge EX weapon from Stella:

stella 6


Dystnine (CV: Yuichiro Umehara)

dystnine 1

An Adept in possession of the “Vectored Cloth” Septima.

Dystnine is capable of producing cloth that can manipulate vectors in whateer it touches, allowing him to deflect light to hide his location and alter the inertia of his enemies.

Among all the mass-produced androids manufactured by Gargantua, by some miracle only Dystnine has developed a “soul” and Septima. This caught the attention of the company’s president, Stella, who ended up making Dystnine her personal assistant.

Stella saved Dystnine from being confiscated by Sumeragi under the pretense of “research”, and he now feels and even greater debt of gratitude towards her.


Check out Dystnine’s attacks below:

dystnine 1 dystnine 2

dystnine 3 dystnine 4

dystnine 5 dystnine 6


Check out Dystnine’s EX weapon that can be earned by Copen below:

dystnine 7


You can check out the previous two Septima, Rebellio and Crimm, here.


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 26, 2019. It’ll be priced $14.99.

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