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Luminous Productions to Merge With Square Enix

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Square Enix Corporation will merge with Luminous Productions on May 1, 2023. In a message on Luminous Productions’s Twitter account, the studio promises that it will still focus its efforts on Forspoken up to that date. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Square Enix Holdings.

You can read Luminous Productions’s update here:

To briefly summarize it, Luminous Productions still plans on working on Forspoken up until May 1, 2023. Current Forspoken projects include a performance patch and the “In Tanta We Trust” DLC. That add-on will come out in Summer 2023, and more information on the aforementioned performance patch will come out soon.

It is unclear how much time Luminous Productions will have to spend on Forspoken after its merger. Luminous Productions originated as an internal Square Enix studio whose vision was to create AAA games with the Luminous Engine. Its employees are comprised of those who worked on Final Fantasy XV. It is unknown if this merger will redistribute the Luminous Productions employees as part of its reorganization or if they will remain together. Since Luminous Productions’s aim was to make games with the Luminous Engine, it is also uncertain if Square Enix still intends on using the engine to make games.

Luminous Productions will merge with Square Enix on May 1, 2023. Forspoken will still receive updates and patches until then. Forspoken is readily available on the Windows PC and the PlayStation 5.

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