Luring Neko Atsume’s Frosty The Snowcat To Your Backyard

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On December 18, a new cat joined the Neko Atsume family. It’s Frosty, also known as Yukineko-san, and you really need to work to entice this cat to your garden. Not only is Frosty a rare cat, but she also is one of the weakest ones in the game. She looks a lot like Saint Purrtrick (Nekomata-san), as they’re both white bobtails, but she has different color-ed eyes, brown ears, and only one tail. Basically, she looks like a Japanese snow bunny. In the picture of my backyard above, she’s the one sitting on the blue cushion inside the house. If she’s outside, she wears a brown, hooded cape.


Since Frosty has one of the lowest power levels in the game, it’s very likely some other, stronger cat will muscle her out of her spot before you get a chance to see her. Fortunately, she’s also very easy to lure to your habitat, provided you’ve procured the proper items.


As far as food goes, she loves Sashimi. You can get it for 5 gold fish. I haven’t seen her visit after putting out either the free Thrifty Bitz or 30 fish Frisky Bitz, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.


Frosty also adores a wide variety of pillows and mats, but is especially fond of the ones added in the December 18 update. She’ll plop down on most pillows, but seems especially fond of the 220 fish Snowy Pillow, 390 fish Large Cooling Mat, and 20 gold fish Silk Crepe Pillow. When I first saw her, I had the Japanese-style backyard set up with the Bureau with Pot, which is 950 fish, but didn’t realize she was a new or different cat until I checked back later and noticed I’d missed someone new. Putting out the 190 fish Blizzard Tent might also help.


Finally, check Neko Atsume often. Frosty is not only weak, but she’s also described as sensitive. If you want her snowman memento, you’ll have to leave out lots of pillows and Sashimi.


Neko Atsume is immediately available as a free download for Apple iOS and Android devices. To play the game, you put out food and toys, wait, come back, and take pictures of any cats that arrived to eat and play.

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