imageBack in 2006, two former Atlus employees established Killaware. Led by Kazuhiro Yamao, Killaware focused on adventure games and are probably best known in the West for Lux-Pain. Marvelous released their worm filled story on Nintendo DS, but Killaware had to stake out a new publisher for their second game.


Arc System Works picked up Killaware’s second title Another Time Another Leaf, an adventure game where you switch between the past and the present. Their third game Tsuku Monogatari got little attention. Furyu, the company behind Last Bullet and the upcoming dungeon crawler UnchainBlades Rexx, published it on PSP in January. Check our report on Tsuku Monogatari for more about the title.


Shortly afterwards, Killaware filed for bankruptcy. The motion was made on March 31, right at the end of the company’s fiscal year. Killaware’s website is now offline too and that can’t be a good sign. Kouji "Cozy" Okada’s company Gaia doesn’t appear to be in good shape either. Last year, a note was posted on Gaia’s website apologizing for the site’s closure.

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