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Lycanroc Is Being Distributed In Europe For Pokémon Sun & Moon



To coincide with the release of the Guardians Rising TCG set, the Lyranroc distribution event has kicked off in various parts of Europe. Here’s where you can grab the Rockruff Evolution. [Thanks, Serebii.]




  • Belgium – at FNAC, Cora, and Smartoys stores
  • France – at Micromania from May 13 through June 12
  • Germany – at GameStop from May 5
  • Italy – at GameStop starting May 5
  • Netherlands – at Game Mania stores via Nintendo Zone starting May 5
  • Spain – at GAME starting May 5
  • UK – at GAME from May 5 through May 31



The Lycanroc from the event will have the Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch, and Swords Dance moves with the No Guard Ability. It’ll also come holding the Life Orb item.



For those of you interested in the aforementioned Guardians Rising TCG expansion, here’s a little trailer:



Pokémon Sun & Moon are available for Nintendo 3DS.

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