M2 Is Collecting Ideas On Extra Features To Add To M2 Shot Triggers ESP Ra.De.


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Recently, M2 had an interview with DenFamiNicoGamer, where the developer discussed the recent announcement of ESP Ra.De. joining the M2 Shot Triggers lineup. It also spoke a bit about the upcoming Aleste game.


Here are the highlights below:

  • The decision to actually go approach Atlus about bringing ESP Ra.De. to modern platforms was bolstered thanks to the poll where the game was voted as the most wanted game. A Cave representative went along with M2 to the meeting, and Atlus gave M2 the green light to use the IP how they wanted.


  • While a beta port has been made by M2 for the game, there is still some ways to go until the game’s ready. They are getting feedback from some of the top ESP Ra.De. players on the development. M2 also shared a rough sketch of the game cover drawn by character designer “Joker” Junya Inoue:

esprade 2



  • More info on Aleste is likely to come in Summer 2019. However, M2 made one thing clear: the game is being made as an arcade game in mind, so much that it wouldn’t feel out of place in one. The possibility of it coming to arcades is quite high, especially considering the number of platforms available like ALL.Net P-ras MULTI, NESiCA, and the upcoming exA-Arcadia. That said, in the end it will be up to whether they think it can turn a profit.


  • M2 insist upon adding “gadgets” and functions to their releases based on what both experts and newcomers want added to the game, using up as much remaining memory as they can. However, these functions have to work well with the game – for example, adding a Rewind function worked for Ketsui, but was a bad fit for Battle Garegga.


  • Following the above point, M2 are currently deciding what to add to ESP Ra.De., especially as the game is one with many random attacks. Furthermore, attack patterns change based on your current rank. While M2 have a few ideas, they are extending the invitation to their players on Twitter. If they use your idea, they will add your name to the credits. They are willing to accept even the most hardcore ideas.


You can participate by replying your idea to the Tweet below:


Some other points:

  • M2 wants to release ESP Ra.De. sometime in the second half of 2019.


  • M2 Shot Triggers on Nintendo Switch is still at a somewhat early stage.


  • The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy and The Great Ragtime Show are currently in negotiations. They are currently looking for who owns the rights to Equites, as the original maker went bankrupt.


ESP Ra.De will be released by M2 hopefully in the second half of 2019. No platforms have been announced yet.

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