M2’s Shmup Revival Project Starts With Mononoke Ninpo Cho For Arcades In Japan In 2018

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Developer M2 launched its “J STG Project (Japanese Shooting Game Project)” that aims to revive 2D shoot ‘em up games, and the first title is Mononoke Ninpo Cho (or Ninja Soldier) on plans that were originally made in 1988.


Mononoke Ninpo Cho is a brand-new title made in a retro-style, where you play as a ninja girl who fights various enemies in a vertical shoot ‘em up. The game started with  the backbone of “making a new game with plans from 30 years ago” and has a lot of shmup parodies going on.



M2 launched the official website for the game on April 1st, so many thought that it was an April Fool’s prank for the most part.


It even got a trailer in English.


Here are details on its story translated by M2:


Now is the era of Sengoku,

there were people who called Shinobi.

They live in hidden village and train hard every day.

They serve Inugami (Dog Deity) as the god of the village

and save the world from Youkai (Japanese Monster)


One day, the time has come to Inugami.

To keep mysterial power, Inugami need to regeneration.

At Inugami’s regeneration, since its loses mysterial power,

ritual was held in secret. Until it grue up,

the maiden Shinobi was applied to take care of Inugami,

Inugami was growing up well and the maiden Shinobi, Komomo, was also growing up as Shinobi.


After few years,

the peace has broken by unknown enemy…

Youkai from different dimension has invaded the hidden village and kidnapped Inugami.

Their purpose is revive evil god by using Inugami’s mysterious power.


In the middle of confusion,

one Shinobi has flew off to chase Youkai.


To crush the ambition of Youkai,

to save the world

and to save the life of irreplaceable friend…


Here’s a look at its characters:


Komomo – Player


The girl who grown up in Shinobi Village.

She has a sense of justice and fights against Japanese monsters, Mononoke.


Azami – Friend of Komomo


Friend of Komomo.

To become a strong Shinobi,

she left the village a few years ago.


Kuhga – Vapor Trail


The partner of Komomo.

He can use Shinobi magic and divide himself.




Inugami, the guardian of the village.

She is loved by the villager.


023 024


The above is a look at the original plans for the game that was made back in 1988. It has a tentative title of Ninja Soldier, which also happens to be the English name shown for the title on the official website.


Here are some screenshots:

007 008

009 010

011 012

013 014

015 016

017 018


Mononoke Ninpo Cho launches for arcades in Japan in 2018.

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