Maelstrom’s Multiplayer Ship Combat Is Complicated By Colossal Beasts


Maelstrom pits players against one another in naval battles where they’ll ram and blast one another until their enemies lie defeated, but giant sea creatures, thirsty for spilled blood, will make that even more complicated.


The oceans have risen, leaving little hospitable land, forcing the dwarves, orcs, and humans to fight it out over the few remaining places. The players will take on a ship from one of these surviving races, piloted by a specific captain, utilizing that ship’s specific speed, armor, and weapons strengths and weaknesses to defeat all who attack them.

Players are able to attack foes in a number of ways. They can use their side cannons to blast at foes, but they will have to factor in the arc of their shots and the movements of their enemies to land a hit. They can also use various ammo types, like armor-breaking Iron Shot, sail-shredding Chain Shot, or crew-slaughtering Grape Shot to deal damage to certain areas. Outside of these attacks, players can also ram into other ships to do damage, or pull up alongside them and try to board them, killing the crew that way. All of these attacks are controlled in a simple arcade style that emphasizes ease of play and speed as well, keeping players focused on ship battles.


As each fight progresses, sections of dark water will begin to appear all over the map. These places indicate a huge beast coming to the map, and these various sea monsters will devour any ship that carelessly sails over these areas. Players will need to be attentive to these spots, and not only this, but watch out for whirlpools and other natural sea disasters as they move into position to attack their enemy’s weak spots.

Maelstrom is set to release on Steam Early Access in April 2018, and is currently raising funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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