Magic Potion Destroyer Requires Smart Potion Use To Escape A Witch

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Claudia has been trapped in a witch’s mansion for three years, but with her brother afflicted with a lethal poison, she means to finally escape, using the potion-crafting skills she gained over years of imprisonment in Magic Potion Destroyer.


Players will guide Claudia through the mansion’s halls, battling the monsters they come across on their way out. Claudia can use magical abilities to wipe these creatures out over the game’s thirty floors, but soon, players will need her to get stronger. To do this, they can use Mana Reinforcement, which boosts some of her stats at the cost of MP. MP is gained from defeating monsters, but it is also used in her attacks, so players will have to take care not to use too much at the wrong time.

All of Claudia’s powers can be drastically enhanced through using magic potions as well, increasing attack, defense, or allowing her to use special abilities. However, these potions are tied to Claudia’s memories, many of which have been lost. Taking certain actions throughout the game will give her memories back, unlocking a potion along with them. These will paint a picture of what happened to put Claudia in her current situation, as well as lead her towards one of the game’s five endings. 


Magic Potion Destroyer is available now on Playism and Steam.

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