Magical Anime Girls Duke It Out In Magical Battle Festa, Out Now On PC



Doujin game publisher Playism has released Fly System’s competitive battle arena game Magical Battle Festa on PC.


You play as a magical girl competing in The Magical Battle Festa in hopes of joining the army of Holy Mages to fight humanity’s enemy known as ‘spectres’.


To come out on top, you’ll need to use combos, special moves, and the “incredible” super moves to defeat waves of enemies while managing your mana resources. The need to dodge should go without saying.



To help you out there are magibots that you can roll out into different formations, boosting your attack or defence – it’s an added tactical layer you’ll need to familiarize yourself with.


You can play 1v1 battles, or play in teams (or by yourself) in four player magic battles. Magical Battle Festa has a range of unique characters for you to try out, all fully voice cast, and each with their own attacks, weapons, and special moves.


You can purchase it for $17.99 for Windows on Playism or Steam (or only $14.39 for a limited time on Steam).

Chris Priestman