Maglam Lord for PS4 Switch

Maglam Lord Announced as a New PS4 and Switch Action RPG by D3 Publisher and Felistella

D3 Publisher and Felistella’s teaser countdown revealed a brand-new PS4 and Switch action RPG called Maglam Lord. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides a first look at the game set to release this winter in Japan.

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Maglam Lord for PS4 Switch

Maglam Lord takes you on an adventure that involves forging “Magic Swords.” The protagonist is a demon lord who once ran rampant but has since then lost his/her powers. Players will get the option to choose between a male or a female protagonist at the start of the game.

Maglam Lord for PS4 Switch Maglam Lord for PS4 Switch

As for gameplay, the game offers speedy battles to go with simple controls. The hack-and-slash game will revolve around defeating powerful magical beasts to collect materials needed to create new Magic Swords.

Here are some character details:

Protagonist “Demon Lord of Blades” Kilrizark (CV: Ryuichi Kijima)
Protagonist “Demon Lord of Blades” Kilrizark (CV: Akari Kito)

Kilrizark is a surviving “Demon Lord species” that is now on the verge of extinction. As a result of exhibiting the wild behavior of “I’ll kill anyone that gets in my way, be it gods or demon lords,” Kilrizark was seen as the “world’s enemy” from both sides and went into a deep slumber to recover. Even after awakening, he/she still has no intention to change his/her way of life.

Satius (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Satius is a faithful servant who put in a lot of work into supporting the revival of the “Demon Lord of Blades.” Satius has no talent whatsoever when it comes to martial arts but is proficient at magic and knowledge. Satius takes care of the self-centered demon lord, but always feels inadequate and can often be seen sighing.

Felistella is the developer of the game. Kei Miyakozuki who worked on the Summon Night series is handling the scenario and setting. Lack, who worked on Fate/Grand Order, is the character designer and illustrator.

Maglam Lord will release for the PS4 and Switch this winter in Japan.

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