Maid Cafe at Electric Street Will Appear on PCs via Steam

Maid Cafe at Electric Street

A Japanese-style maid cafe management game will appear on PCs. Adventurer’s Tavern, an indie game studio based in Shanghai, China, has set up a Steam page for Maid Cafe at Electric Street. The game will be available with subtitles in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Maid Cafe at Electric Street will take place in a Japanese city. The player will become a maid cafe manager. Some of the main objectives in this game will be to grow the maid cafe business and interact with the staff maids.

Most of the in-game activities will contribute to improving the cafe quality and staff interactions. For example, the player can go shopping to purchase decorations to place for the cafe interior or trading cards to share with the maids. They can also try to recruit more girls to the staff team.

The pixel art game will be playable on most PCs. Its minimum requirements will consist of 2 GB RAM, a 2.50 GHz processor, and Intel HD Graphics 4400. It will also require at least 2 GB of free space.

Maid Cafe at Electric Street will be available on PCs via Steam. Adventurer’s Tavern has yet to announce a release window for the game as of this writing.

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