furufuru.jpgLater this year Majesco is going to release Furu Furu Park in North America, a collection of mini games with a few Taito cameos. Furu Furu Park was released in Japan in April and Majesco decided to keep the original name instead of localizing it to “Shake Shake Park”. Europe is getting Furu Furu Park too care of 505 Game Street who brought out Cooking Mama too. I should have guessed this was going to happen earlier since Majesco has a good relationship with Taito and Cooking Mama has been a cash cow for the studio. If there are anymore Taito Wii or DS games we’ll be waiting for Majesco announcements.


Don’t know what Furu Furu Park is? We posted an article about some of the mini games and Sonic Blastman 20XX looks like it could be decent.

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